California Riding Magazine • May, 2009

Andalusian Dressage Partners
Northern California program is a
Noble endeavor promoting
Pure Spanish dressage horses.

by Kathleen Burke Jensen

Andalusian Dressage Partners, owned by Erin Lohec, are breeders of the Pura Raza Española (P.R.E.) horse, better known in the United States as the Andalusian. Located in the Bay Area’s Pleasanton, Lohec focuses on breeding Pure Spanish dressage horses and the cornerstone of her success is the stallion Noble GF.

Noble GF is a 17hh black/bay stallion, by Gaucho III, out of Ninfa GF (Indiano XVIII) and was bred to capture the best qualities of the breed for athletic ability, conformation and temperament. Noble possesses great quality in his physical structure and the type of conformation needed for dressage.

With outstanding ground-covering gaits, Noble has cadence in the canter, which is pure and rhythmic, an excellent trot displaying lift and reach, combined with elasticity and scope. He displays the wonderful qualities of the P.R.E. horse with natural balance and agility.

Noble’s greatest assets are his competitive movement for dressage and his outstanding temperament. He truly epitomizes what the P.R.E. is well known for: a kind, friendly, people oriented mind and always ready to please his owner. He has a good work ethic and calmness about him, rarely getting flustered or nervous. Noble produces high quality horses perfectly suited for today’s amateur or professional rider.

Noble’s Bloodlines

Gaucho III, Noble’s sire, started his training under Juan Matute of the Spanish Olympic Training team, before being imported to the U.S., where he was a successful Grand Prix competitor with his amateur owner/rider. He made a big impact on Spanish horse breeding here, bringing the type of movement and sporthorse conformation needed to breed a more competitive Spanish horse for dressage.
Noble’s dam is a daughter of Indiano XVIII, a gold medal winner for movement in Spain, Mexico and the U.S., and is a highly valued stallion to have in a pedigree.

Noble is born from a pedigree of high performance dressage bloodlines including Invasor II, a half-brother to Noble’s sire, who was a member of the bronze-winning team in the 2000 Olympic Games and a member of the silver team in the 2004 Olympics and the bronze medalists at the 2004 World Equestrian Games. Noble’s bloodlines include the stallion Leviton, who is considered the premiere stallion of modern Andalusian breeding and was the sire of Evento, a competitor in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics; the sire of Regalado II, a Fourth Level Open competitor before his untimely death; and Indiano XVIII, a three times Champion Best Movement winner.

The talented dressage stallion Noble GF (Gaucho III (Qualified) x Ninfa GF
(Indiano XVIII) ) showing scope, power and elegance under trainer Michael Etherly.
Photo: Natalie Hays

The Andalusian Dressage Partners mares were all chosen for their performance bloodlines and their gaits. “They had to bring some strength to the table,” explains Lohec. “They were all chosen for planned breeding to Noble, combining the bloodlines, their individual strengths and their athletic ability and correct gaits.”

Noble is proving to be a premiere breeding stallion himself for performance prospects and is consistently stamping his offspring with his athletic structure, an outstanding canter and a friendly temperament. His second foal crop is just now arriving and his first colt, a rare DNA coat color tested homozygous black, is already displaying the athleticism of his pedigree.

Andalusian Dressage Partners participate in United States Dressage Federation shows, both under saddle and in the Dressage Sport Horse Breeding (DSHB) classes, presenting their stallion, mares, young horses and foals. Their horses have done very well in these Warmblood dominated classes, winning Champion All Breed awards and Highest Scoring Andalusian awards.

Andalusian Dressage Partners is currently only shipping frozen semen, but Lohec will ship cold transported semen for more difficult mares, though she’s had a high success rate with frozen. Pure Spanish mares, Warmblood mares and Thoroughbred mares are ideal candidates for this stallion. Noble produces big foals.

Noble is in training with Michael Etherly, a professional who earned bronze, silver and gold medals with the United States Dressage Federation. Etherly has worked with Olympic medalist Steffen Peters and ridden with some of the sport’s luminaries, including Jean Bemelmans, coach of the Spanish Olympic team.

Finding A P.R.E. Horse

When people start considering a P.R.E. they discover that finding a horse already going under saddle to buy is pretty difficult. Because of their popularity the few that are available are purchased quickly. Lohec encourages people to consider buying a weanling or yearling; it’s a worthwhile investment. Due to the rarity of the breed in the U.S., they retain their value as they get older and it also gives the owner a chance to build the bond of a lifetime with their horse.

A P.R.E. buyer may have to invest more up front in a weanling but Lohec explains that these are very hardy and easy keepers. They typically don’t require special supplements, excessive grain or hay and can remain unshod even through the phase of first going under saddle. They’re easy to handle as youngster and are quick learners that progress rapidly in training. Andalusians have very people oriented minds. The value of a P.R.E. can increase up to three times his purchase price once under saddle or as a proven breeding horse. “The market for them will always be strong,” explains Lohec. “I had a friend who wanted a small P.R.E., 7-10 years old, Third Level, gelding, under 16 hh. You can find that quickly in the Warmblood market because of the supply. Not so for P.R.E. They sell within a month.”

Justino (Noble GF x Joya D) is an outstanding homozygus black colt with
excellent conformation and lovely, pure, rhythmic gaits with excellent lift.
Photo: Debbie Hansen

Lohec also points out that an owner doesn’t necessarily have to upgrade the horse when they’re ready to move into upper level work. “The P.R.E. is an excellent choice for just about any level of rider, particularly for the amateur who wants a sensible mount to ride and show and when they’re ready, this same horse can safely teach her the upper level work including piaffe and passage,” says Lohec.

“I could sell my babies as future breeding prospects but what I really would like to see is them getting ridden and shown. I want more people to see what I know them to be, a fantastic equine partner. I’m willing to work with a rider who wants to own a P.R.E. It would be nice to see more riders take a chance and buy one of these horses. They won’t be disappointed. All riders are welcome to come visit. The more you know, the better. All foals have a little bit different personality and I encourage riders to come see which one appeals to them.”

Learning about the P.R.E.

Lohec recently launched a new website,, as a place to both highlight her outstanding breeding stock and to provide a detailed resource for those interested in Andalusians. The site is a wealth of information and includes frequently asked questions, links to videos about the horses and articles written by trainers, such as nationally recognized foundation trainer Charles Wilhelm. Lohec hopes that this resource will help people further understand the Andalusian.

For more information about Andalusian Dressage Partners, contact Erin Lohec at 925-353-2697 or via e-mail at or visit the website at