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The Mane Event is heading to Scottsdale, AZ on May 26-28, 2017. Come join us to experience the newest Horse Expo in the USA! With the best equine education and shopping under one roof. For more information please visit 

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Back on Track’s Therapeutic Hock Boots Provide Gentle Welltex® Therapy – Help for your Horse’s Hocks

Back on Track offers two styles of therapeutic Hock Boots: Hock Boots with Holes, and Royal Padded Hock Boots.

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Bio-Mimicry + Micro Solar Technology

Bio-mimicry is imitating natures strategies as a means of resource towards innovation and solving Problems. With a SMART-TROUGH Mosquito Pump,... Read more


North America’s Largest Horse Expo Company Comes to Scottsdale, AZ

Book your Horsey trip away for a fun filled weekend of equine learning, shopping and entertainment!The Mane Event will take place in Scottsdale... Read more

Wellpride Becomes an Educational Sponsor of the American Association of Professional Farriers/International Association of Professional Farriers

Wellpride, makers of the first omega-3 fish oil supplement for horses, is excited to announce an educational sponsorship with the American... Read more

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